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Oil and Gas Equipment

Drilling Equipment, Mohole Diesel Heaters, Oil and Gas Production and Transport Equipment, Oil Treatment Plant (OTP) for deposits, Overview of Process Equipment Constituting the oil treatment plant (OTP), Compact Units for Oil Separation, Four-Phase High Pressure Raw Oil Separators, Gas Separators, Oil Desalting Plants, Oil and Gas Pumping System, Natural Gas Stationary Compressor System, Mobile Gas Pumping System, Mobile Nitrogen Production System, Mobile-type Formation Pressure, e.t.c. e.t.c.

Auxiliary Equipment

Oil-heating Units, Fuel Storage Tanks, Standalone Power Supply Units (OTP), Associated Gas Recovery, Associated Gas Generators, Turbine Expanders, Flaring Systems, Heat and Power Systems with External Combustion Engines, Equipment for Offshore Platforms, e.t.c.

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